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The reach and diversity of Fairfax Marketing Services, a subsidiary of Fairfax Media, is unquestionable. Whether your business is targeting a small local market or a far-reaching audience, your local digital marketing expert can help you plan the best way forward.
The product set we offer includes website creation for any type and size of screen, search engine rank optimisation and business directory listings designed to give small to medium businesses online presence.
Combine that with the promotional opportunities Fairfax Marketing Services can offer your business. With over 200 local newspapers and local news websites across Australia and New Zealand, plus established car, real estate and agricultural websites, we can provide online display and print advertising to drive customers direct to your business. Add to this the fact that we are a Google AdWordsTM Premier SME Partner – we have search advertising covered too. Lastly, our Facebook Advertising solution rounds off the paid advertising product set.
We don’t stop there. With Fairfax Marketing Services, your business is set up to offer every service necessary to communicate with customers. We include social media management services and email and content marketing capabilities. No other provider can offer personalised service with the same breadth of product at a local level.


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If the answer is YES, then a digital marketing expert in your area can visit your place of business for a personalised consultation.
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