Business Listings

Give your business a presence on your local newspaper website; the highest-visited local website. By joining your local paper’s business directory, your business will benefit from several advantages including an integrated business profile page that gives you one more channel to communicate with local customers.

A wider reach
Our directory reaches more customers in your region, and across more industries and categories than any other local directory.
Local focus
Aligning your business with the local paper gives access to local users looking for local services. 

Qualified backlinks
Our locality listings, provide relevant, high-quality backlinks that improve your website’s rank in search result pages. Beware of dodgy directories that serve no real purpose other than providing irrelevant links. They can have an adverse effect – penalising your website in search engines by association.
More sales leads
Drive more traffic to your website and generate more calls and emails to your business with our wider web of directories. Your business profile page allows visitors to easily pull your contact details and get in touch. This increases communication channels with more potential customers.

Efficient landing pages
Your company’s profile page in our directories can serve as terrific landing pages for search engine advertising campaigns. The landing page can direct visitors to your website for more information and provides convenient links to social networking sites.
A targeted client base
Inherently, being on a local newspaper site positions your business with local clients and outside visitors to your locality. Minimise your online marketing spend by focusing on the people who are not just local but highly interested in the products or services you’re selling.