Website Editor: Quick Guides

Click to Call

Any visitor who clicks a Click to Call button will be immediately prompted to call the number you’ve set. This is a great addition to home pages to turn visitors into customers or to let people get ahold of you as quickly as possible.

Add Click to Call

  1. Go to the Add Element section and scroll to the Popular or Business section
  2. Drag and drop the Click to Call element to the website

click to call

3. Once you’ve placed the button, set up its name and phone number

Set up the Click to Call

  1. Click the Click to call button
  2. Press Edit
  3. Type what you’d like the button to say in the “Text on Button” text box.

click to call text on button

4. Type the phone number you’d like the button to call in the “Phone Number” text box

click to call phone number

There isn’t a reliable way to get extensions to work, but a simple telephone number will work. For international numbers, add a + before the country code and number.

Change Design

Change your Click to Call button’s look using the following display options:

General: Change which number the click-to-call button calls

Icon: Change which icon the button is using


  • Colour: Change the background colour or image, text colour, and border of your selected tab
  • Effects: Toggle whether the button has a shadow, rounded corners, or displays an icon
  • Text Style: Change the text style of your selected tab


  • Spacing: Set the height, padding, and margin of the element
  • Alignment: Change the element’s alignment (left, right or center)
  • CSS: Change the elements CSS
  • HTML: Change the elements HTML