Website Editor: Quick Guides

How to add and edit images

Add and edit images on your site to make it more visually appealing! Add images from another site, a Facebook page, or upload an image from your computer. Once an image is added, you can customize its size, alignment, border, or any of a great number of other options.


Add Image

  1. Go to the Add Element section and scroll to the Media section
  2. Drag the image feature into the website
  3. Once you’ve placed the feature, choose an image to display

Select Image

  1. Select an image from your site, a stock photo gallery, or upload your own image using the Choose & Place Images pop-up.
  2. choose image
  3. If you like. press Edit to make further changes to the image using our Photo Editor
  4. Press Done

edit image

Add Alt Text

Add a description of your image in the alt text field, for accessibility and to help with SEO.

image alt

Image Options

General – the general tab of the image options menu has several things you can tweak.

Replace, edit and crop Choose replace to choose a new image. You can also click edit and crop to do some simply photo editing powered by Aviery’s photo editing software.
Clickable Image Set the image as a link
Resize You can resize a link by a Percentage based value or byPixels
Alt Text For SEO purposes, you can set Alt text for this image. Alt text will load instead of an image in case an image is unable to be loaded for any reason.
Tooltip Displays a small tooltip when the image is hovered over for a few seconds




Colors                            Border: Set a border color and size for your image
Effects Shadow: Sets a small drop shadow for your image. It’s great if you want to add a 3-dimensional effect to your site.

Rounded Corners: You can set your image to have rounded corners. By increasing the size of rounded corners to 50% and using a 1:1 dimension image, you can even set images to have a circle shape, like below:




Spacing Padding: Change the padding of an element

Margin: Change the margin of the element

CSS Change the CSS of the element
HTML Change the HTML of the element