Website Editor: Quick Guides

How to add pop ups to your website

A pop up is a small window that suddenly appears (‘pop ups)’ in the foreground of the page. You can easily add popups to your site within the Website Editor.  Chose to open popups when a link is clicked, or display them automatically with inSite.

new pop up

Add a new Popup 

  1. Click on New Popup
  2. Choose the type of popup you want from the Popup wizard
    • Blank, Welcome, Contact Us, Newsletter Registration, Promotion or Sale, Like Us on Facebook, Send Feedback, Visit Us, Online Scheduling, New Store Item, More Info.
  3. Create a pop up name and hit Add Pop up

new pop up selection

The pop up will load in the content screen and then you can go ahead and edit it just as you would any other part of the site.

Edit Popup 

  1. You can edit the popup using the same functionality as the rest of the editor. Click on the rows to edit, drag and drop from the tools on the left hand side, or click on Pop UP Settings.
  2. The pop up settings will allow you to edit the size, the background colour and even add effects.
  3. Hit done when you are finished.

editing pop up settings

Now you have created your popup you can insert it into your page. You can do this via inSites or just by going to the page you want it inserted into and dragging it into place. There are more quick guides on this so don’t forget to  check them out.