Website Editor: Quick Guides


Make it easy for your visitors to find you using the Map feature. This feature lets visitors view your business’s location on an interactive map they can use to zoom in and pan around, giving them a better idea of where to find you than a simple address.

Add a Map


  1. Go to the Add Element section and select the Popular section
  2. Drag the map feature to the website
  3. Once you’ve placed the element, enter your address.



1. Enter your business address. The more specific your information, the more precise the map will be.

map  editing

2. Set which device you’d like the map to display as a button on (so visitors need to click it to see the map).

maps by device

3. Set the text you’d like to display on this button, if any

map button text

4. Press, Done.

Change Design

Change your map’s look using the following display options


  • Change the map’s address, the text on its button, and on which device it displays as a button
  • Maps: Select whether to use a Google Places listing or enter your address manually


  • Colours: Change the button’s background colour, image and border
  • Text Style: Change the button’s text style


  • Spacing: Set the height, padding and margin of the element
  • Alignment: Set the alignment of the element (left, right or center)
  • CSS: Change the element’s CSS
  • HTML: Change the element’s HTML