Website Editor: Quick Guides

New Page

Add a new page to your site. You can create a new page, or import content from somewhere else on the web.

Create New Page

  1. In the editor, select Manage Pages, then New Page
  2. Select a Page type

Add a new page

3. Enter a page title (and URL for the Page URL option)

new page  add


Page Types

Here are the Page types available from the Add Page menu:

Blank Page: Create a page without any content

Page URL: Link directly to an outside page

About Us: Tell visitors about your business and service

Contact Us: Provide your contact information

Photo Gallery: Showcase photos in a full-screen gallery

Restaurant Menu: Create a restaurant menu

Locations: Let your customers find your nearest location

List: Display content in a formatted list

Matrix Page: Display a matrix of content

Complexe Page: A page with a more complex layout