Website Editor: Quick Guides

Page Settings

Page settings will allow you to edit page settings to control SEO, edit or delete pages

Access Page Settings

Click the gear icon to the right of a page to view its menu.


page settings

Page Settings Menu

Click the gear icon to the right of a page name to view the following options detailed below.

page setting menu


When you choose this option, the name will become underlined and selected. You can then start typing to replace the name or edit the name as you would any text field.

Hide in Navigation

This provides a list of devices. You can hide the page in the navigation of any device or on all of them at once. Simply click whichever device you’d like the page hidden on to hide it. If the navigation item is already hidden on any given device you can unhide it by clicking that device in the menu once more. The name of the page will be black when visible and gray when hidden. The colour will show the status of that page for the screen size you are currently editing.

hide in navigation


Choosing Duplicate will prompt you to name the page.


Enter whatever name you’d like and click Done to create an exact duplicate of the page.

SEO and settings

Gives you access to the Page Title, Description, Keywords, Page URL Settings, and the page specific head HTML.


Choosing this will first prompt you on the button to confirm that you are sure you want to delete the page. If you click the X nothing will happen. If you click the check mark, the page will be permanently deleted. The only way this can be undone is to either recreate the page from scratch or load a backup of the site from before the deletion.



Page Menu Quick Guide

Rename:  Change the page’s name

Hide in Navigation: Hide the page from one or more devices

Change Icon: Change the pages icon

Duplicate: Make a copy of the page

SEO & Page Setting: View the page settings

Delete: Delete the page