Website Editor: Quick Guides

What Does the Row Editor Do?


Use the Row Editor to change the alignment of desktop and tablet content and change the layout of content on mobile.
The design option also allows you to change the row’s background color/image, add a border, or adjust the padding and
margin of the row.

Row Alignment

To change the alignment of the content in your row (for desktop/tablet only):
1. Click on the Row menu, then choose Edit to open the Row Editor.
2. Select which alignment type you’d like (left-aligned, centered, or right-aligned).

Row Design & Settings

Use the Design section to add a border to your Row.
Or change the background color/image.
Adjust the padding and margins of the Row in the Settings tab.

Options Overview

Each Row has the following design options:

Design Option Description
General Layout: Determines the placement of text on the mobile page.
Alignment: Determines the alignment of text
Design Link directly to an outside page.
More Tell visitors about your business and services.