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What is a blog?

why blog

A blog (otherwise known as web log) is a page published on your website (usually called a ‘post’) listed typically in reverse chronological order e.g. most recent post appearing at the top. Whilst the pages of your website are more often than not static (e..g About Us, Products, Services, Contact Us) a blog is always changing as you add new and fresh content. Sometimes a blog is called Latest News, Latest Update, Recent News or Blog.

Here are some benefits of using a blog on your website:

  1. Blogs are a great tool to keep your website content fresh and up to date with latest industry trends and topical information. Not to mention that Google loves fresh content!
  2. It allows your brand to have a regular voice
  3. It is shareable – you can share it on your social channels and link it in your newsletter which will drive traffic back to your website, ready to convert.
  4. It gives your credibility. Customers will often check your website and your blog before making an online or in store purchase.
  5. It opens up communication allowing people to share and comment – so you can have a public two-way dialogue with interested and potential customers.
  6. It helps drive traffic as people can find your blog post via the search results, or via your social platforms
  7. It helps you build an audience as you create content on relevant and topical information

Blog posts are very dynamic. You can include long form, short form, images, video, links – and they don’t have to be the same every time. Variety, frequency and relevancy are all really important. To get started:

  1. Contact customer support to have your Blog set up on your Fairfax Marketing Services website
  2. Think about your content plan – what will you write about, how often will you post (e.g. think about the problems your customer is facing, think about questions they need answered, and write about relevant industry topics)
  3. Publish then promote in your newsletter and on your social platforms.

It’s simple… get started today.