How Often Should You Update Your Blog?

keepcalmblogIf you operate a blog, you’ve probably asked yourself this question. The general consensus is that you should update your blog as frequently as you can, provided that the quality of your posts do not suffer. The answer, however, isn’t always so clear-cut. Here’s what you need to know:

What the numbers say

According to a HubSpot report, the frequency of blog posts has a significant impact on a website’s incoming traffic. How significant? Companies that update their blog at least 15 times per month get about five times more incoming traffic than companies that don’t.

That’s not all; blogging frequency can affect lead generation efforts as well. Firms that ramp up their efforts from three to five posts, to about six to eight articles per month almost double their number of leads. All in all, companies that produce more than 200 posts get more than five times the number of leads than companies with 10 or fewer posts.

Factors to consider

Unfortunately, posting high-quality content at least 15 times every month is easier said than done. Not all companies (or individuals) have the funds, time, or manpower to produce quality content at this rate on a regular basis. As a result, there is no universal rule as to how often you should update your blog.

You have to consider several factors to determine what suits you. These include the following:

How many articles you can produce?
This is your top consideration when deciding your blogging frequency. How many can you make in a day, week, or month? Take note that if you can’t post at least once every seven days, you will lose incoming traffic because search engines won’t index your blog as often.

Quality of your posts
Content quality matters. It’s what engages your audience, compels them to share your articles, and keeps them coming back. You might be capable of producing several posts per day, but if it doesn’t provide value to your visitors, then you should cut back on your blogging frequency or your efforts would be wasted.

Can you follow the schedule?
Consistency is another important aspect you should take into account. You need to sustain your blogging frequency to keep up the growth of incoming traffic and lead generation. However, following a hectic schedule might burn you out so be sure to space your posts reasonably. Remember that you also have a business to run.

If you have the resources, consider hiring someone to focus on writing for the company blog. Outsourcing the work gives you more time to do other things and produce more content at the same time.

Age of your blog
While research has shown that producing more content boosts traffic, you also have to consider the website’s age. It’s useless for new blogs with only a few readers to produce content frequently because there’s no one to read it. You should instead focus on networking with other bloggers in your niche and getting more exposure for your website.

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