How To Gain Active Twitter Followers

Twitter is a huge boon for your business. It’s an effective tool for communicating with customers, getting feedback, generating sales leads, and providing customer service, among others. Twitter, however, won’t be much use to you if your account doesn’t have active followers. Here are a few suggestions on how you can get more people to follow you.

Tip #1: Make people curious

One of the secrets to getting more active and engaged followers on Twitter is to make people curious. According to George Loewenstein, a Carnegie Mellon professor, curiosity is triggered when people encounter a gap between what they know and what they want to know. But how does one do this? Don’t reveal everything outright. To create information gaps, your tweet should simultaneously provide context and elicit questions. The simplest way is to say something like:

  • “Top 10 Reasons Why X Is X”
  • “How X Was Able To X”

Tip #2: Share things people may not have heard about

Sharing other notable content is fine, but don’t just regurgitate ideas when it comes to yours. If people can get the same information from others, there’s not much reason to follow or engage you. Instead, try to introduce your followers to subjects related to your business and combine it with the topics in your niche. For instance, if your website is about video games, you can share game-related content that intersects with comics, marketing, education, politics, and psychology.

Tip #3: Don’t churn for followers

Churning is the practice of following other users in large numbers to gain their attention, then unfollowing them if they don’t return the favour. It’s effective if you want to amass a large following in a short span of time, but it’s against Twitter’s rules. But even if Twitter allows it or you manage to skirt the line, you still shouldn’t; the other users who follow you back are most likely churning as well. This means the followers you gain through this practice aren’t engaged, so they won’t really pay any attention to what you share.

Tip #4: Mention authors in your tweets

When you share other people’s content, make sure you also mention the author in your tweets. Recognition is flattering, after all. To do this, just include the author’s Twitter handle (the one that contains @username) in the post.

Tip #5: Promote your Twitter handle

Find every opportunity to share your Twitter handle. Here are a few ways how:

  • Add it in your email signature
  • Print it on your business cards, letterheads, newspaper ads, and company swag
  • Display it prominently in your website, email newsletters, and other social networking profiles

Tip #6: Be helpful

One sure-fire way to get more active Twitter followers is by being helpful to others. Helpful means you give tips on topics related to your niche; promote other people’s advocacies; answer questions; and retweet content worth sharing.

Tip #7: Join or host tweet chats

A tweet chat is a live Twitter event that focuses on a specific subject, and is held at a specific time and day. It’s a great way to engage with prospects, current customers, and other enthusiasts in your niche! If you do well during the chat, people will most likely follow you. To participate in a tweet chat, just look for its corresponding hashtag and be online during the specified time and date.

Tip #8: Don’t be afraid to unfollow

Sometimes, it’s necessary to unfollow certain people. Maybe the account isn’t really related to your niche, or perhaps you noticed that it spams others. Whatever the reason, don’t be afraid to cull followers even if they might unfollow you. It’s always better to communicate with an active and engaged audience.

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