How To Make A Landing Page That Works

landing page optimisation A landing page is a webpage that your visitors “land” on. Specifically, it’s a page designed for a goal that you define. For it to work, however, there are several things that you must do. Here are a few tips on how to make your landing page effective.

Factors to consider

Before making your landing page, there are a few issues to take into account:

The page’s purpose
For your landing page to be effective, you first have to decide what it’s for. Is it for encouraging readers to buy your e-book? Or signing up for your newsletter? The page’s purpose would let you determine what to put in it.

Your audience
It’s important to understand your audience so that you can adapt your approach according to what they need and want. This knowledge would make your landing page more effective.

Traffic source
Sometimes, you may have to change what a landing page says, depending on where your traffic is coming from. The content of your landing page for Twitter followers, for instance, probably won’t apply in a landing page for your Facebook fans.

Tips on making effective landing pages

Once you’ve pondered the factors that would give your landing page direction, it’s time we start making it! Don’t forget to do the following:

Tip #1: Keep it simple, concise, and focused
Your landing page shouldn’t be cluttered with links to any other parts of your site. It should be focused on your objective or you risk driving your readers away, which means your landing page won’t convert visitors.

The landing page copy should be concise as well. Remember that people don’t read online (they skim), so you need to maintain their attention. If you fill the page with walls of text, visitors would lose interest quickly.

Tip #2: Your CTA should stand out visually
Make your call to action (or CTA) pop out visually from the rest of the page, so that it would attract your audience’s attention, urge them to do what you want them to, and make your landing page more effective. There are many ways to make your CTA stand out visually, including:

  • Using larger fonts
  • Arrows
  • Contrasting colours
  • Placing them in prominent locations

Tip #3: Back up your claims with data
If you’re going to make claims in your landing page, make sure you substantiate it with the necessary data. For instance, if you say that your food supplement is the top-selling product in your market, then you should provide numbers to back up that assertion. You can do this by including charts, graphs, or case studies, provided that your data is clear and specific.

Tip #4: Add elements that build trust
Unless you’re already a known brand or you’re dealing with existing customers, it’s hard to get people to trust you online. To help develop trust, consider adding the following to your landing page:

  • User/Customer reviews
  • A prominently placed guarantee or seal of quality
  • Clear and simple checkout process
  • Upfront information on extra costs
  • Testimonials by well-known publications
  • Icons of financial institutions that process online payments (e.g. PayPal, Visa, MasterCard)

Tip #5: Use images and videos
Videos and images are effective in explaining how things work, engaging users, and sustaining interest. Just make sure that you don’t put in too many images and videos as they can slow down the page’s loading and make everything look cluttered. Of course, the video should also be well made to encourage conversion.

Tip #6: Run split tests
You should do split tests to check if your landing page does what it’s supposed to. This lets you determine the right mix of elements so that you can make the most of your conversions. Take note, however, that you should focus your split testing on landing pages that receive a large amount of traffic, as testing all other details is time-consuming.