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mobile websites
Mobile internet use is rapidly growing and time on devices is overtaking desktop computers. To face this trend, your website must be ready for mobile users or you risk losing potential customers to your competitors.
When viewed on a customer’s mobile device, your website should automatically adapt to the dimensions of the customer’s screen. Ensure a mobile-optimised, responsive version of your website that looks and functions as effectively as it does on desktop computers.
responsive design

Responsive design

Instead of shrinking your website’s text, images, and design, we’ll make it responsive to the size and layout of your customer’s screen. This gives your users a mobile website that’s easier to navigate and read, and just as functional as it is on desktops.
mobile specialists

Mobile specialists

Our website developers modify your website’s template making it responsive to the mobile web. For any questions, digital marketing specialists are just an email or phone call away, ready to help out with any mobile-related issues you may have.
statistics reporting

Statistics reporting

Our statistics reporting isn’t limited to traffic from regular-sized screens; we also measure how well your site is doing in the mobile web space. You’ll find out valuable information like where your mobile traffic is coming from and what operating systems your viewers are using. Based on the statistics gathered, our specialists will then give their recommendations on how you can fine-tune your mobile strategy.


Since your website can be properly viewed and operated in displays of various dimensions, more users can access your company’s information, products, or services from all corners of the globe. This increases the size of your audience and number of potential customers.
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Better Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Optimising your website for the mobile web leads to a number of SEO benefits. Foremost of these is Google’s preference for responsive design. The search engine actually favours mobile-optimised websites when you do a search on a mobile device. Furthermore, responsive websites are displayed on devices with the same set of URLs, which means Google indexes your website more efficiently.
e-commerce icon

E-commerce ready

If your business requires it, we can help you set up online shopping capabilities and make them work on mobile devices allowing you to sell products and services to people on the go.
We don’t stop there. With Fairfax Marketing Services, your business is set up to offer every service necessary to communicate with customers. We include social media management services and email and content marketing capabilities. No other provider can offer personalised service with the same breadth of product at a local level.
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