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digital reputations
Customer reviews has changed the way people view and interact with brands. Previously, companies managed their brands’ reputation by way of advertisements and press releases. Today, customers have the ability to directly influence how a brand is perceived through blog posts, social networking sites and forums.
As a result, many businesses avoid social media and user-generated content, fearing that people might say bad things and ruin their reputation. On the contrary, negative things about brands and companies, if properly handled, can be turned to positives. For a company to take a position on negativity can manage any further negativity through word of mouth.
We can help shape and develop your business online reputation by setting up monitoring “listeners”, which find mentions of your business as they happen and alert you so that you can focus on how to manage them.
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Cutting-edge tools

Our Reputation Management technology will keep track of your company’s mentions, breadth of influence, and visibility across business directories and review websites like Urbanspoon, Yahoo! Local, Google+ Local, and Yelp. Whether the language is negative or positive, we’ll find it out for you, saving you time and money.
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Respond to reviews

You really should know what people say about your business. With our Reputation Management services, you can turn a scathing review into a positive one, especially if you address it effectively and without delay. Also, you can amplify a good review and collect testimonials.
assess the competition

Assess the competition

Our frequent reports, tools, and Reputation Management specialists will also track the reputation of your business rivals, allowing you to analyse how they are viewed by your market. The knowledge you get here can be used to your advantage, especially in your own promotion efforts.
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Quick notifications

If you do get any complaints that require your immediate attention, our real-time alerts system will notify you through e-mail. This allows you to promptly deal with the problem, satisfy unhappy customers, and protect your brand.

Reputation Management specialists

Tending to every online issue concerning your brand can be time-consuming and tedious. By letting our team of experienced Reputation Management specialists handle all the hard work, you won’t have to constantly monitor every mention of your business. You’ll receive regular comprehensive reports, and be contacted only when there is an urgent need for your action. That way, you can focus on running your business.

Improve how you do business

Sometimes, complaints, particularly recurring ones, happen for good reason. Perhaps its a sign that a business process optimisation is needed. With our Reputation Management services, you’ll be able to distinguish between constructive and unhelpful comments. You can then use this feedback to improve your company’s procedures.
We don’t stop there. With Fairfax Marketing Services, your business is set up to offer every service necessary to communicate with customers. We include social media management services and email and content marketing capabilities. No other provider can offer personalised service with the same breadth of product at a local level.
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