Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Your business website may look incredible and be packed with intuitive functionality and well-laid-out content, but it won’t be much use if your customers still can’t find it online. What makes this even more challenging is that an overwhelming majority of web users don’t look past the first page of search results. Our search engine advertising services can get instant results.

As a Google AdWordsTM Premier Partner, we meet Google’s highest standards giving us the skills and expertise to offer you premium service and support for your campaigns.

Optimised landing pages
A landing page can be any page on your website where visitors are sent. Once visitors land on this page, they (hopefully) perform your desired action. This action varies, depending on what you want to do. If your objective, for instance, is to generate warm sales leads, we help you engage visitors “to want” to fill in an enquiry form.
Our specialised SEM team will produce for you a fully optimised, professionally designed landing page for your website. It will feature a visually appealing layout; unique, well-written material relevant to your website; and other multimedia-rich content like videos and interactive maps to engage your visitors.
Pay-per-click advertising campaigns
The best way to get targeted website traffic is through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Those are the sponsored links that are shown on the results page in Google. Our PPC campaigns will promote your company’s value proposition directly to customers who are interested in the products and services you offer. This will bring more visitors to your website and turn them into paying customers.
It gets better: you don’t have to worry about the cost. Whether you want to run a large-scale campaign or organise a controlled marketing push, we provide flexible payment options to make it more affordable for your business.
Dedicated SEM experts
To help your optimisation and advertising campaigns succeed, we’ll provide you a dedicated, Google-certified SEM specialist who will work with you to combine an effective PPC campaign and optimised landing page, both of which have been customised to suit your requirements.
Your dedicated specialist will also assist you in keyword research and analysis, guide you in keyword bidding strategy, and keep you updated about your SEM campaign’s progress.
Reporting dashboard
Even with the expertise and strategies we provide, you still need to know how your SEM campaigns are coming along. Our reporting dashboard will give you all the information you need. This includes your traffic sources, PPC cost tally, the conversions you’ve set, landing page activity, and many other details that would help you make better decisions about your marketing efforts.


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