Tips on Generating Leads With Your Website

moreleadspleaseSales are the lifeblood of any company. Without leads, however, selling becomes all the more difficult, especially over the internet.

So how do you generate leads with your website? Here are a few useful ways.

1. Produce high-quality content

Generating leads is all about gaining people’s interest. The best way to do this is to produce high-quality content consistently. Quality is subjective, but it essentially means the content should be informative, helpful, entertaining, and unique.

This may sound oversimplified but it’s true: producing high-quality content leads to more people sharing your work, incoming links, better search results, higher traffic, and more email subscriptions. All of this results in tangible leads.

2. Provide free consultations

Another means to get more people interested and have them sign up in your website is by offering free consultations, which essentially serve as your sales pitch. However, you should be strict in choosing who gets to consult you to avoid wasting time. Here are some tips on how to sift through candidates:

  • Have people fill out a form. This is essentially a nice warm lead.
  • Set a time limit. Free consultations usually last 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Establish what the free consultation would cover. Anything outside this should be paid.

3. Prominently display your contact details

Sometimes, all it takes to boost the number of enquiries on your website can be done by simply displaying your contact details more prominently. For instance, you can display your office number or email address on a sidebar that follows as you scroll up or down the webpage. Anyone interested in whatever you provide would take the opportunity to contact you.

4. Add a contact form

To make it easier for prospective customers/followers/subscribers to get in touch with you, consider adding a contact form in all of your website’s pages. Remember this rule of thumb: making it easier for people to inquire increases the likelihood that someone will do so, and more frequently.

5. Hold webinars and other similar events

This may not apply to all businesses but thought leadership is a good way of building trust that result in leads. Workshops, short online courses, and other similar events are a great way to develop your list of potential customers. To make it more enticing, think about offering the seminar free of charge. The catch, of course, is that attendees should fill up a form.

6. Offer premium content in exchange for signing up

A blog may be an effective tool to keep readers coming back, but you shouldn’t share all your knowledge without any strings attached. Instead, keep your premium content and most useful tips to be given on the phone or in person so that you can develop a relationship with the potential customers.

7. Make dedicated landing pages

As its name suggests, landing pages are web pages designed for a goal that you define. You can use landing pages to display the signup forms for your webinars, free consultations, and other premium content. Since landing pages are created specifically to convince your audience to take action (in this case, to sign up and be a sales lead), it’s much more effective than simply displaying a form or banner on your homepage.

8. Take advantage of social media

Do you have a social media profile for your website? You should. It’s an effective method for promoting your website, new blog posts, upcoming webinars, free consultations, premium content, landing pages, and everything else that you want to announce. Furthermore, its increasingly being used as a customer service tool for businesses.

Social media lets you communicate with your audience, address their problems, and develop new relationships, all of which may lead to more fans/followers and quality sales leads.

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