Top 10 Ways To Make Your Facebook Page More Effective


You’ve probably heard that Facebook pages have been reaching fewer followers of late. According to Ogilvy & Mather, the organic reach of Facebook pages plunged from 12.05 per cent in October 2013 to 6.15 per cent in February 2014.

This trend highlights Facebook’s push to encourage brands to start spending to reach their followers. Fortunately, there are still ways for you to make your Facebook page more effective as we gradually move away from free Facebook marketing.

Use large but original images

According to online marketing firm Wishpond, Facebook posts with images get 120 per cent more engagement than posts that use plain text. But don’t just post any image; it should be large, eye-catching, original, and related to your content. Stay away from meme images, though; Facebook isn’t a fan of these, and has curbed its reach.

Keep your posts concise

Keep your detailed content on your website and away from your Facebook posts. Why? Because Facebook posts with concise text result in more click-throughs. For best results, follow the Twitter approach and keep your Facebook posts within 140 characters.

Post content during off-peak hours

Here’s something to consider: instead of posting while most of your followers are online, try sharing content on Facebook during the slow hours so that it won’t get buried under other people’s status updates. Take note, however, that this approach would be more effective if your niche attracts people who stay up late or wake up very early in the morning.

Interact with other users

Starting a conversation with users (e.g. asking or answering questions) increases the likelihood that your interaction will be shown in other Facebook feeds. From here, more people may join the exchange. By keeping people engaged through your conversations, Facebook will reward you with a wider reach. See to it, however, that your discussions are related to your niche.

Include a quote from your write-up

Sharing a line from your content is an effective way to stir people’s interest in Facebook. In fact, people love sharing quotations in social media all the time. Just make sure that the quote you pick is interesting enough to spark engagement; the best choice is short and provides a taste of what the article is about.

Produce and/or share how-to articles

If you can consistently create and/or post how-to articles at your Facebook page to help make other people’s lives easier, your audience will share your content more frequently. This will simultaneously broaden your reach, develop your brand, and more importantly, circumvent declining organic reach.

Take advantage of trending topics

Twitter isn’t the only social network that keeps track of what’s popular among users during each day. Facebook has its own trending topics as well, which users can click to see posts made by others about that subject. If the topic has something to do with your niche, join the discussion or share relevant content to bring your posts to more Facebook feeds.

Compile your best articles weekly

Listing and sharing your best articles at the end of each week is a great way for your followers to see what they may have missed and get more traffic to your website. As mentioned earlier, don’t forget to include a large (and original) photo for better engagement.

Run a contest on your website

Promoting your website’s contest on your Facebook page would stimulate more click-throughs and shares, especially if you’re giving away a prize that people want and you include its photo in the post.

Spend on Facebook ads

If you have the funds, you can always buy Facebook ads to promote your page and website content. At least, this way, you’re sure that people will see your posts. After all, it’s hard to ju
stify making a push in social media marketing if you’re not even sure that your efforts would work.

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